My name is Marlise Witschi, and I am the facilitator of your Journey home to yourself.



Find Peace and Joy beyond your struggles
so you can Shine the Light that you Are


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Have you tried many approaches, done Yoga
and still struggle with yourself and/or your relationship?

Are you yearning to let go of anxiety, overwhelm,
over-giving, and forgetting about yourself?

Are you ready to find the door leading you to great peace, freedom,
joy and happiness, where you can be yourself and follow your own dreams? 

                                                    Search no further!

I can help you heal yourself and your relationship, so you can be free

and Shine the Light that you Are!

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Here is what two of my clients said:

I came to you, firmly believing I was a piece of shit, and I let everyone else know
that by telling them they were less, that their feelings didn’t matter,
and I was so angry at them! Now I can see that what I was embracing
was complete and absolute lies. I feel my burdens have been cleared away,
and I can actually feel the love you were talking about.
This is what I am! I knew that the way I was before was wrong,
but I didn’t know how else to be.

You truly can’t do this work alone.
There is no chance to become aware of this darkness by yourself.
I am so grateful I had the courage
and trust to step out and call you! It is a miracle!


I feel for the first time in my life that my relationship with food is loving and free.
Chocolate and chips are no longer guilt foods. I was at a party and didn’t feel any drive to grab for drinks or snacks.
The desert I had, half of it I gave to my husband. There was no need to shove it down. I could enjoy it without guilt.
This new freedom I gained with my work with you gave me my life! I am living!
I am not thinking any longer that my weight has anything to do with my life.
I have started to ask myself what I want to do with my life, now that I am free from this prison.