Please note that all sessions, unless you live in my area, are being held by Skype.
Regardless of where on the planet you live, we can do it:).


Here is what I am offering you:

  1. Trauma Healing: For instance, if you notice you get triggered repeatedly about the same issues, we can do healing with hypnotherapy and other healing modalities. Often there are unhealed childhood experiences which are still begging for completion, and they will bother us and drive us in directions we would not actually want to go, until we heed the call and heal the suffering child within. Topics can be as diverse as not finding a life partner to overeating, and everything in between that is repeating itself again and again,or that makes you struggle and feel stuck.
  2. ¬†investigation and discovery of Who you Are. Even when we are not permanently living the oneness that we Are, we definitely can have experiences of deep peace and freedom, which are signs that we can go even deeper…I can guide you through layers of emotions, sensations and stories, until you ‘fall through the bottom’ of it all.

In a nutshell, we do what is called for you to realize you ARE FREE and live from here. Sounds good?



We can customize events for small groups with themes of your interest. Let’s have a conversation about it. Just click on the link below.

I am also offering Retreats in Mexico. Want to come? Send me an email!




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