Thank you so much for the work we’re doing together. It’s made a profound difference in my life. I notice myself responding to situations and to life in a way that is balanced, non-reactive, and from a space of being at ease with the world – even while the challenges of life (court case etc) remain ongoing. What a blessing! I find myself able to stay present with whats happening in a completely transformed way compared with before we began our work together.

You are doing your life’s purpose, there is no doubt! You’re like a mid-wife who is helping birth souls.

Everything you say seems to be just so bang on!

I feel like a ton of bricks falling off my shoulders!

I am so fortunate to have you and to be able to do this journey with you; there are so many people with scars out there who don’t have that.

Since my first session with you, four weeks ago, the experience of Peace has been ongoing. There is no need to judge any more. It’s like you turned the switch, and there is only Light, no darkness left. What a MIRACLE! I feel loving all the time. There is no need for me to be a certain way or do certain things to be ‘somebody’, to uphold a self-image. It’s so freeing! I’m just being….it’s so simple now.

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Marlise Witschi, M.Psych.,
Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach

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What you’ve given me is like a second spine to hold me up and to do what I want to do!
You have made a huge positive difference to my life and I thank you for that.

This works remarkably well. I’m amazed at how calm and strong I feel since my session with you. I thought I’d be crying every day for months about my Dad’s death, but that’s totally not the case.

The sadness is gone, I felt it lifting. Like octopus tangles it created sharp pain and then the pain disappeared. I feel great, I can’t believe this, I’m smiling! It’s getting brighter. You’re great.

The sessions are great, better than my counselling sessions, because this stuff here is actually working!

It feels like the first day of my life…I have a new set of eyes. I feel like I landed on planet earth; landing with a whole new set of tools.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done with me since we’ve been working together. Words cannot express how invaluable you have been to me in my rebirthing, a true gift to say the least. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

What you’ve given me is like a second spine to hold me up and to do what I want to do!

My fear of sharks is totally gone. I had lots of fun surfing and it did not bother me any more.

The amount of work I’ve done with you is amazing. The tools you gave me, I use them every day! Last night I took a hot bath instead of drinking; it got completely diffused.

I feel like I just lost 15 pounds! Waw!!

I never had a beautiful meditation like that. Everything just dissolved and got really big and I felt so peaceful like never before.

I now can feel that there is a purity about me, a perfection, which none of my negative beliefs can penetrate; it gives me great comfort.

I’ve tried for 12 years to find the root of my pain; everywhere I went, it was the surface stuff. Now I found the cause of my pain – you absolutely nailed it. A big weight has been lifted off, and I feel I can actually start healing.