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Suffering comes from misunderstanding

Regret is a painful issue, weighing on many human beings. Often people don't know anything else to do but to blame themselves. Regret is based on the misunderstanding, which is the belief that: 1. we know what's best for us in life; 2. We have the capacity to act differently in each moment, if we truly wanted to; 3. That we control our life, and therefore can mess it up if we don't pay better attention. read more


Are you tired of trying to improve yourself and our life, again and again and always something else 'falls apart?'. We can put an end to 'self-improvement' by discovering for ourselves Who I Am; our true nature. It is beyond the thinking mind, untouched, unbound, un-thought, being everywhere, always, now. I can point you towards That which you Are, so you can discover you Are Free already now, as we speak. I see it as the step beyond therapy. Marlise Witschi, M.Psych. read more

Love Loving Love

Today is Valentine’s day. The day of red roses, red chocolate hearts and red cards; the day of love and Love. We say we love many different things: We love people, pets, foods, movies, music tunes, art pieces, cars, sports… And yet, there are two distinct ways of love...

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About Marlise

My name is Marlise Witschi (pronounce Marlisa) and I am a Holistic Psychotherapist. I would like to point and guide you towards your own discovery of Who you Are. It is where no therapy, no words or thoughts can go....and it is what you've always been seeking. Read more about me.