About Internal Freedom

Internal Freedom is a psycho-spiritual approach to healing and to awakening.

Depending on what you want, we can use the tools of Internal Freedom differently:

  • If you want to change, improve, discard certain things in your life, then we will do therapy.
  • If you feel you are getting tired of your own stories, of what happened to you and how you have been wronged and hurt, if you feel you have worked on that enough, then I’ll use the tools of Internal Freedom to point you towards That which is your true nature. For practical reasons let’s call it ‘awakening’.

IMPORTANT: Therapy is very helpful for us, as long as we feel clearly we need to heal specific things in our life. There are no shortcuts to freedom – we need to be saturated and tired with trying, before we are ready. It’s like the apple needs to ripen before it falls from the tree.

Let’s see both in more detail:

  1. Holistic Psychotherapy

Internal Freedom as therapy is a healing modality based on psycho-spiritual principles. As a key aspect of the process I help you to find unconscious beliefs from the past which are at the root of what is bothering you. It may be clearing beliefs - luminous skyself-defeating behaviors (overeating, anger outbursts, etc),  relationship issues, trauma, addictions, anxiety or anything else. Once we have found some key beliefs you were holding without you knowing it, we then clear those beliefs with Energy Psychology (EFT and different modalities where you just relax and I am sending clearing energy). Along with these beliefs you will be feeling emotions which you may have pushed down before, so now everything that was in the darkness (unconscious mind) is allowed up into the light of  consciousness, which automatically dissolves it. As a result you will feel freer, lighter and more peaceful.

This kind of therapy helps people see how powerful thoughts are when we believe them to be true – that’s what unconscious beliefs are. They actually ‘are’ what we call our ‘reality’.

In  summary, the therapy work of Internal Freedom is really based on how the mind works, on finding unconscious beliefs and the emotions which are created by them, and then energetically release them. It is like ‘cloud-busting’ and it is very efficient.

Do you feel this is what you’re looking for, or you’d like to know more about it? Please click here and fill out the form.

2. Awakening

If you feel you did everything you could to be happy and free, and realize there are always new issues and difficulties img_4132that life is offering you, you may come to a point where you are tired of trying to ‘improve’ your life situations – where you just want to surrender and see what happens. You may have come to a point where you realize it’s not ‘you’ controlling your life.

You may also see that it’s always the ‘me’ which has problems: At the core of all dissatisfaction, suffering, wanting, hoping and fearing is this person who we think is ‘me’. You may have gotten tired of the stories about ‘me’…

If you feel you are somewhere along those lines, I will be guiding and pointing you beyond thinking, to the Stillness that is your true Nature; to What is un-thought, unborn, un-created, and not of the realm of the mind-body (which is the object of therapy). The discovery of Who I am is the birthright of every human being. Some are ready now, some later, it’s all fine. We can not ‘make’ ourselves ready; we can’t ‘make’ awakening. It’s just the opposite: The ‘me’ who thought she/he was doing all these things, needs to be overlooked completely for a moment – for a split second. That is when we can ‘see’ what Is always here. It is so ordinary and always present that we have been overlooking It all along. The mind is playing an ongoing movie into the Stillness, into the Presence which is always here, always was, always will be. ‘It’ is not of the mind; ‘it’ is free, silent, aware, and it is Who we Are. It’s not an ‘it’, not an object – words actually cannot describe our true Nature, because words are only symbols, pointers, they are not IT.

If you feel this is what you’re yearning for or have any questions, please click here and we can have a conversation.

The ultimate goal of  Internal Freedom is awakening – but there is a time for therapy as well, as we saw earlier…

  1. Internal is unrelated to your life circumstances, the size of your pocket book, your relationships or the fitness or ill-health of your body.
  2. Internal Freedom therefore refers to the fact that You Are Free. Whether you believe it or not, whether you experience it or not, whether you want it or not, your true Nature is free.
  3. In the past, I always wrote: you CAN be free. Because me too, of course, I believed I had to struggle and work hard in order to one day ‘become free’, or ‘break free’. I did countless years of seeking and therapy until finally, I met a teacher who guided me and pointed me, so I could finally see for myself that Yes, I AM free! I am Peace, Stillness, Aware, Alive…I am always – here.
  4. The ‘one’ Who is free is not the person you think you are; you are not who you think you are. This is another part of this discovery of the Truth, the discovery of What will shift your life.
  5. To just read a ‘description’ of Who you Are (words can’t actually describe What I am, because it is beyond the thinking mind, but we use words to communicate) will not change you. It’s just another concept. What really makes the only difference is that you discover for yourself what is true.

 Please note: I am not a spiritual teacher or a Guru. I am an ordinary human being who happens to have discovered Who I Am with the help of someone else. By profession I am a psychologist and holistic psychotherapist. (see above).

Contact Info

Marlise Witschi, M.Psych.,
Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach

Free Audio – How the mind works and beyond

I came to Marlise with a variety of issues, the most prevalent being financial. I realized I had some unhealthy beliefs around money and wanted to make some shifts. Marlise helped me to not only see where I was blocking myself, but to shift those belief systems.

After only a few weeks of working with her, our business has erupted. We just had our most lucrative month ever and I know that was due in large part to doing this work. (The irony is that we are working less hours than ever!)

She is a profound and gifted healer. If you want to change your life I highly recommend working with her!

Craig Rigsby

I feel for the first time in my life that my relationship with food is loving and free. Chocolate and chips are no longer guilt foods. I was at a party and didn’t feel any drive to grab for drinks or snacks. The desert I had, half of it I gave to my husband. There was no need to shove it down. I could enjoy it without guilt.

M.B. Whistler, BC

more praise…

I feel so free after our work together! I don’t feel I need to prove myself to any body anymore. I feel I have released my need to get attention from men. I have no fear left; I feel totally ok. I just am!

M.W. Montreal, PQ

Throughout my sessions with Marlise I learned to identify the negative beliefs that had been hindering my life and change them. She gave me the tools I needed to assert myself, break the behavioural cycle and stop living the role I had been trained to play for my whole life. She taught me techniques to cope in difficult situations and stand up for myself. Marlise was a pillar of support for me in my journey to becoming the happy, self-confident woman I am today. I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life and recommend her to EVERYONE, period.


K.G. Vancouver, BC

I have been in a state of joy and bliss for three days. I feel calm with people. The physical anxiety I always had is gone. I walk through the streets and feel we are all connected. All these people, I used to feel connected through suffering, now I feel connected through joy! The doors are open, the light pours out, and the journey has just begun!

A.B. Squamish, BC.

I wanted to let you know that I am doing really well and that your work with me helped me a lot and I am forever changed. I have stopped drinking, and I have started my own business! I am really enjoying the journey. So thank you once again for your love, compassion and your wisdom.

T.A., Australia

Marlise equipped me with great tools around letting go of what does not serve me any longer: using specific meditation techniques to calm my mind and create shifts in my thinking. I feel a massive shift especially around addiction and my need for perfectionism as a compulsion, as well as my lack of control about what other people are doing.

I would recommend Marlise to my dearest friends and family with complete confidence that she could help them learn to shift their thinking for the better. 100% confidence. Confidence I would bet money on:-).

S.T. Santa Barbara, US

Marlise, I will never be able to express what you have done for me. I walked in your office scared, confused, stuck in a place surrounded by a dark wall…..(now) I feel so brilliant inside, full of light and wanting to burst out and share with others. Your ability to help people to be true to themselves is a great gift that you have. People can learn to help with books to a degree, but it also takes something within to connect with people and I feel you have that. God bless…

N.K. Whistler, BC

Thank you so much for the work we’re doing together. It’s made a profound difference in my life. I notice myself responding to situations and to life in a way that is balanced, non-reactive, and from a space of being at ease with the world – even while the challenges of life remain ongoing. What a blessing! I find myself able to stay present with what’s happening in a completely transformed way compared with before we began our work together.

L.S. Bali

After my work with you came to a close, I walked out of your office and into the world an entirely new person! Not only did we heal the issues behind my 10 year eating disorder, but I felt like my eyes were open and I was awake for the very first time in my 22 years on the planet. The seeds which were planted during my work with you have continued to this day to shape my experience as a human being and my perspective on the world as I continue to draw from the principles I learned from you, and apply the techniques (such as EFT) when I encounter new obstacles in my life.

A.R. Melbourne

I’m so grateful for all of your help. I’m still asking what I want and I feel more in touch with it than I did before. My husband and I also really opened our hearts and communication and our relationship feels solid again. Phew!!! So thanks again for all the support and for calling me into my truth. I think we have both opened to new opportunities. Thanks a billion for being one of my teachers. Loads of love!

K.H. Melbourne, Australia

I felt very peaceful for the last few weeks. I feel very liberated from the abuse (sexual abuse from childhood). It’s dissipated, it holds no power over me anymore. I feel safe for the first time, safe to know that I am not a victim.

A. B. Squamish, BC

Sending you lots of love and gratitude that we are able to continue sharing our journeys. You have been one of the most influence people I’ve encountered in my life, and I am so grateful for the way you have helped open up my worldview and my heart. Meeting you has truly changed my life.

A. R. Melbourne, Australia