Drifting below the surface…

I am sitting in a coffee shop, looking down over the ocean. It is very agitated these days due to a strong North wind – we call it ‘Norte’ here in Cozumel.

I feel calm and peaceful, watching ‘out at the world’ while I am sitting ‘at home’. What do I mean? You know this sense of ‘all is well, regardless’? This sense of grounded ness where you need nothing to ad or to push away – it’s just all ‘good’? This sense is your true nature. It is always present but mostly overlooked, as we are so used to focus on thoughts and feelings. Those are like waves on the ocean; the agitated water. Whereas our true Nature could be seen as being like the depth of the ocean: calm, peaceful, untouched by the waves on its surface (the thoughts).

So just for now, see if you can let yourself drift down, through the surface waves of thought, into the depth of the ocean where you can feel peace, fulfillment, and ‘stillness’. Not stillness of sound – just stillness of time, if that makes any sense to you. What you may feel – and it’s not an emotion – is your true nature. It is out of time; it is timeless here/now -always. This peace is never not here.

What if you tried this out, and relax into this ‘space’ whenever you think of it? You just may be surprised at the simplicity of it. Let me know how it’s going:) .