The chicken and the Eagle.

Once upon a time, there was a little baby chick hanging out in the yard. One day, she looked up into the sky and saw a huge Eagle soaring, high up in the air. The chick asked her mother:” Mama, when can I fly in the sky like this one up there?” And the mother replied: “You can never fly up there, my dear, you are a chicken. You must pick the worms out of the earth so you get strong and big.”

Time went by, and the little chick grew older. She started to forget about the Eagle she had seen, and did not look often any more into the sky at all. “What’s the point, after all, she’s a chicken” – she believed (what her Mom said).

Then she became a teenager, and she saw the Eagle again, flying high up in the blue sky. The chicken thought again: “Oh, I’d love to be like this one up there…but I know I can’t. It’s impossible. Chickens never fly so high up – ever. It doesn’t exist.” And she cried out loud from frustration and sadness.

Then, all of a sudden she noticed the Eagle spiraling down from the hights, coming closer and closer, flying right towards her, until the Magnificent Huge Eagle stood in front of her, and the Eagle said: “Come with me, my love, you are like me, come and fly in the sky and be free. You are not a chicken – you only believed you were – you are an Eagle yourself. Come on!

And the chick flew off and was never seen again on the ground. (I just made that up).

In this Holiday Season, let’s remember that we are so much bigger than we think we are. In fact, what you believe you are informs every single thought, belief, decision and action you take. Please read this phrase again, it’s the key to a better life.

Just imagine how you live when you believe you are limitless Spirit, pure Love, using a body only as a vehicle. Imagine you believe that you can meet everything with acceptance and patience, and that whatever people do can’t hurt you. How does that look and sound to you? And now imagine how you live if you believe you are a victim…we all know about this one, don’t we. What do you choose?
We  choose who we think we are, and we can always choose again – in each situation when we forget and fall back into the ‘chicken-identity’, we can choose to remember the Eagle!