Since last spring, I have been retreating from the ‘world’ to follow what I felt was my calling: I went to India (again), where I spent 6 weeks with a radical Zen img_4132Master. She pointed us, a small group of people, towards what is always here, what is alive, still, aware, free, peaceful…She helped us to ‘see the moon’, as she said. ‘Once you see the moon, you know it’s here, you don’t need to wonder or worry ever again’, she said. What she meant by seeing the moon, is to see for oneself, to discover the answer to the question: Who am I?

I struggled along, following her guidance, which helped me to become even more aware to what degree everything we believe and often experience, is made of thought. Where she was pointing to is of course beyond thought. That’s where we can discover Who we Are. We need to have a direct experience, a direct seeing (not with the physical eyes), so that the mind can then relax.

Eventually, I ‘saw’ ‘it’, I saw what the teacher was pointing me to. OMG! I burst into laughter, then crying, and laughing…I finally saw the joke…what a relief, to realize I don’t Jan2013Pics 016need to do anything, actually, to be free. I AM already Free – and I have always been. I deeply felt that truly, all is well. And then the mind kicked in again and I realized, I had this recognition before – and I bet you had it too! But I had not valued it enough….

You may remember that in my writings and therapy work, I have repeatedly offered this image that we are like the blue sky, and clouds are just like thought/beliefs we seem to cover over and forget that there is sky. I still like this image, only that now I would like to offer you for it to be more than an image…

Ending ‘self-improvement’: Something new I am offering

Now, I’d like to point you towards the Truth, just like I got pointed towards It. The mind is very clever and slippery, trying to mimic an ‘experience’ of awakening, or to experience a concept or teaching we’ve heard before, which then gives us an impression that ‘we got it’.

But there is nothing to get, because it’s already here…. Even to write about it is difficult, because Who I Am is not at all of the realm of words or thoughts. That’s why we can’t speak the Truth, we can only point towards the Truth…

How does that look like, practically?

If you’re struggling with something, or you’re tired of ‘making yourself or things better’, if you feel overwhelmed or ready to find that you Are free, even right now as we speakimg_4080then I would love to nudge/point you towards what is deeper than what we see, What is always here and fully reliable. I can say that now that I honor and align my life with what I found to be true, my life flows more easily – not that it ‘is’ easier, but the ‘me’ gets less and less attention because I now I am not this person…I am life itself, and I can trust That.

If you’re intrigued or interested please contact me. You may also check out my website: All the content is new. Whether we have worked together or not, it does not matter at all.