To answer my question of what I am actually doing, I  went into deep stillness, and what emerged crystal clear was: I help people free themselves from their prison. I had a very strong emotional reaction to the word ‘prison’. Did you also feel something, when you read Ancient-Wisdom10the title?

For me, I had been so deeply imprisoned in my unconscious childhood beliefs, that it took me many years to free myself from them (or most of them). I could feel again the sadness and tragedy to think of how I was this young, beautiful, smart, creative, talented woman, believing I was not good enough, that I was a burden to others, simply because I was believing outdated beliefs which I had created during my childhood.

Once I discovered that it really was the thoughts in the mind, conscious and mostly unconscious, which created the prison, I started to find methods to help me break free. There is no limit to freedom. We are never at the end of living in an expanded state of consciousness.

And so it is that I feel this deep desire to help you break free from your prison – wherever you are in your journey of breaking free. If you feel held back, play small, scared, frustrated, people pleasing, overwhelmed – then that’s you. Would you like to be more expansive, more peaceful and fulfilled?

Right now, I’d like to invite you to see where in your life you do feel imprisoned at this time. And again, I am using this word ‘imprisonment’ for anything which is holding you back from being the free, great Spirit that you are. You may feel ‘imprisoned’ by stress, by fears, by experiences of lack, by difficulties in your relationship, by a lack of purpose…there are myriads of ways to feel unfree.

What to do?

There are two ways I can help you break free from struggle and imprisonment. To me, these two ways are like the two wings of an eagle who is free to soar. They support each other beautifully.

  1. One way or method is to help you find and release unconscious beliefs you have been living by, without even knowing you were doing it. An example would be the belief: It’s unsafe for me to be close to men. The behavior deriving from that belief might be that you’re avoiding men, all the while thinking that you do everything you can to meet men. You may then (falsely) conclude that the fact you don’t meet men proves that you’re not good enough, not attractive, and so on. Just this example alone, this one belief, can cause huge amounts of suffering for someone! The mind is so powerful that we really do experience everything we believe and then perceive, and it all stems from our unconscious beliefs.

Another example of an unconscious belief running your life may be ‘If I express myself I will be all alone’. The consequences of this belief are people pleasing, not expressing what you think and want, do things you don’t want to do, living in a state of chronic fear of abandonment, etc.

Free yourself from your prison.

Free yourself from your prison.

It’s your personal and private beliefs which act like a movie in your mind, which I can help you dismantle and walk out of your movie theater, into the light.


If you have worked with me, you very likely have experienced this method already.

  1. A second way of finding freedom from stress or imprisonment is to ‘do nothing’. What does that mean?

Imagine being stuck in a small prison cell. When we struggle with a problem – whether that is a person or situation in our life that you don’t like, or whether it is your mind getting obsessed and crazy about something – we usually fight it, try to solve it, resist it, or counter it with actions, and none of these modalities work over the long run. What’s the best way to find freedom in there?

Yes you got it: It is to sit still, to be still, and to stop doing anything. In fact, you can get so still, that you lose any sense of imprisonment and limitation; any sense of where you are, what you are, what your thoughts are. If you become really still, doing nothing at all, not even thinking, then you will fall into ‘eternity’, or ‘infinity’, or ‘stillness’, which lies right inside of you. It is pure Awareness, the ‘spaciousness’ ‘beyond’ thought. It is pure Awareness, nothingness, or Beingness.

People have been meditating for eons to find this place of Stillness, where ‘God’ is, where we merge into the ‘Source’ of all and disappear in the great Ocean of Awareness and discover that we ARE this Awareness, this Stillness. In Quantum Physics it is also called the ground of being. I call the method of ‘going beyond thoughts’ Empty Mind.

Lately, I have been spending time in Empty Mind much more, and I feel more peaceful and free. I seem to be more in touch with my intuition. New ideas are popping into my mind, and it’s really fun. The handful of clients I have been guiding so far into Empty Mind, are also reaping great benefits from it.

I feel this is the last step of the journey: once we have become aware of the key assumptions we have been living by until now and released them, we are then more open and willing to step into nothingness basically, risking to ‘lose ourselves’ into the Stillness, the Love which is our true nature.

Would you like me to guide you there?  about-internalfreedomPlease let me know, and we can organize something. Send an email to