Happy Christmas to You!

Happy celebration of Christ Consciousness, which is beyond all Religion, concepts or beliefs. It is

one of the many words we use to attempt to name what has no words: the eternal, immortal state of joy, bliss, love and peace which is at the core of all beings, and which is the Source of all.

Christ Consciousness, or Light, Love, is therefore what we are, and it is also what we are seeking. Isn’t that funny? Or not funny?

We are seeking It outside of ourselves, in everything we do. We call it the pursuit of success, happiness, wealth, great relationships, and when we get those, there is still something missing, so we go on seeking, pursuing new goals – and new goals – and still, the happiness does not seem to last…and then we may wonder what’s wrong with us. We do know it’s here, ‘unconsciously’. And by default, or conditioning, we resist it, fight it, prove it wrong by blaming others for our struggles, by using excuses that we can’t be happy because of what happened to us when we were young……we try to run away from it by overeating, drinking too much, or surfing the net….we beat ourselves up when things don’t go our way, believing that there is something wrong with us….Nothing is wrong with us, it’s that we are searching in the wrong place. It is inside, it is Present, just beyond the beliefs we cherish. It is present always now.

Whatever we do, it is in reaction to the great Light inside of us, to our true nature.  When we fight It, life feels depressing and like a struggle. That’s when we get sick and tired of living. When we are in tune with It, aligned with It, when we are willing to be present and let go of beliefs and stories from the past – which we think is who we are – then we feel uplifted, loving, delighted, bubbly, joyful, safe, whole, carefree, guided, natural. This is What we are. Simple.

I wish it to us all: the experience of Light, Peace, Joy, Love and Freedom.

Happy Christmas to You!