Do you like to have goals and focus your efforts on achieving them? Or have you given up, because you experienced several times that you were unable to attain them?

The way I look at goals is this: In order to achieve any goals, or dreams, WE need to change, WE need to expand our consciousness, WE need to release burdens from the past and be who we truly are, because WE are the source of everything we perceive and experience.

Therefore, in my world, we can only achieve goals if we free ourselves at least partly, so our consciousness can rise.

If you are interested in freeing yourself more and more, and become lighter, more joyful, confident and trusting, AND achieve a new – and big – goal, then read on.

And, here is the TRUTH and the GREATEST NEWS YOU MAY EVER HEAR: YOU ACTUALLY ALREADY ARE WHAT YOU ARE SEEKING – RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT YOU ALREADY ARE THAT joy, peace, love, freedom, flow, inspiration, fullness, that you are seeking by wanting to achieve a goal. If you look deep inside, you may find that all the money you want, the loving relationship, the nice house, free time to snowboard and surf – you want all of that so that you will experience that you are alive, happy, light, confident, fulfilled, loved – isn’t that true?! And that’s what you already are!

I am so clear about that, so convinced, because I really did experience it in a Near Death Experience, and in many moments now, here and there– but I will tell you this story another time.

If it is true, why are we not all walking around in bliss? Because we don’t believe IT. YEP. And because we experience what we believe, we need to do the ‘work’. And this is what I would love to do with you, and with anyone else interested: The journey from stuck to flow, from struggle to peace, from heavy to light….do you want that?

What IS the problem, really?

What is it actually that is weighing us down, ‘making us feel’ stuck, trapped, frustrated in situations we do not like to be in? Why do we often stay for very long periods of time in unfulfilling situations, at work or at home? And why do we not move on faster, by setting a goal, or simply deciding that we are going to change and feel better. Why?

Because we are afraid of change.

Anticipated change registers in the unconscious mind like danger of death. Each change indeed is a small ‘death’ of how we felt before, and of who we thought we were before we changed. It is this fear of death, this multi-million year old conditioning in our unconscious collective mind, which makes change more difficult than keeping the status quo, regardless of how horrible we may feel.

The past: All the beliefs we ever created, and our sense of identity.

What is weighing us down and keeping us stuck is also making us feel safe, because it is familiar. Does that sound true to you? Just check for yourself. And where does this familiarity come from? From the past. And what is ‘the past’? It is made of beliefs and the accompanying emotions, concepts, assumptions and stories. All this together makes what we believe we are.  The accumulation of all our beliefs, concepts, assumptions and stories makes what we believe is our identity. What could be worse than losing our identity?! It scares the heck out of us! This identity, or self-concept, makes us believe we ‘know’ what is true, what is going on in our life and the world, what should be done and avoided, who we are, what others should do, what is right and wrong…we think we know so many things.

What we most often don’t know, is what to do when we feel stuck, unhappy, confused, clouded, frustrated, trapped and yet don’t seem to know what we want – we only seem to know what we don’t want. And this situation just seems to even increase our feeling of being stuck. Does that sound true to you? Again, check inside. This is how the fear of dying, the fear of change, often manifests.

We don’t know what to do.

Here is what we do at Internal Freedom: I help you find what your key limiting beliefs are and I help you release those. At the same time, there may be deeply buried feelings finally coming up so you can also release those; they have kept you stuck and trapped and made you feel burdened and heavy since you put them there, which is most often in your childhood. The more of these ‘pockets’ of repressed unconscious beliefs and the feelings you have, the less you will experience freedom, because you believe this stuckness, struggle and suffering is you. When we release these childhood beliefs, I also help you see and feel that they are not true. You made them up as a child because you wanted to make sense of what was happening around you. As the child always thinks in an egocentric way (and we often keep on doing that) you believed whatever did not feel good was somehow your fault.

So now is the time of undoing these untrue beliefs, and releasing all these painful emotions which are caused by the beliefs. The more we can release these ‘pockets’ from your unconscious mind,  the freer and the more confident, happy and light you will be, and the more easily you will manifest your goal or dream.

Here is a ‘homework’ for you: start becoming more aware of that you are thinking when you don’t feel good. Notice what the mind says to you, and then check: is that true? Question all the thoughts/beliefs you have which make you feel bad, and you may find that they are not true. What is not true can be let go of, because IT IS NOT YOU.

Enjoy letting go of all your negative beliefs you are aware of – that’s already a great piece of liberation!